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All about slow living, slow food and Slowine



Slowine is an easy-drinking range of happily affordable wines that invite you to enjoy some time with friends and family.

Slowine is a reminder that so much of what is important in life happens in the moments “in between”, when you aren’t “doing something”. As we say: time becomes precious when life rushes by. This wine is an invitation to stop awhile and take some time out.

Slowine is a collaboration between friends from around the Groenland Mountain in South Africa’s Western Cape. Here, in many ways, life continues as it has for decades previous, governed by the natural pace of the seasons.


What is Quality

Quality is the general excellence of standard and or level. We expect nothing less when producing Slowine in order to build our brand and being proud of doing so.

It is a much more complicated term than it appears. Every quality expert defines quality in somewhat different way, but is any one definition “more correct” than the others?

Quality can be measured, as we usually do. At Slowine we measure the quality of our wines from the heart of the process, the vineyards. This is where quality starts.

The entire process is not that simple; in the wine industry the quality of a wine is measured not only against other wines in the similar category, but measured from pruning to harvesting and the wine making process. Most importantly, wine and food are each other’s best companion but can also affect each other’s quality.

In management there is an old saying, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” and so it is with quality as well. In the next publications we will conduct interviews with grape producers, consumers, sommeliers and winemakers.

In the end we need to know what quality is and what people expect of wine before we can measure it to its full potential. It might take a while to find a suitable definition for wine quality but with every-one’s opinion we will be able to come to a conclusion. In the end, “quality takes time…”

About Slowine

Slowine is a collaborative project by producers who have their vineyards around the Groenland Mountain.

The Wines

View our delectable Slowine range of easy drinking, slow living wines.

Slow Living

Contrary to the way it may sound, Slow Living does not always mean that things have to happen slowly


The little guy you see roaming across the pages of this website and on the Slowine bottle goes by the name of the Common Padloper (“Road-walker”).

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